Flarmor is a real old-timer of the landscaping business. For more than 5 years, we have been providing beginner and professional gardeners with extra high-quality weed barrier. Our experienced team knows everything about producing, installing, and maintaining landscape fabrics. Before we sell out products to you, everything is carefully checked. We are absolutely sure that our fabrics really work and prevent weeding.

Our company is eco-friendly. It means that no one of our products is harmful to nature neither while being produced nor while its active use.

The landscape fabrics are the universal means to make your garden unique and stunning. The fabrics allow creating an unparalleled landscape design. It’s a perfect choice for those who want pretty looking lawn but have a too busy schedule. Moreover, you can use garden fabrics as an underlayer for artificial grass, flower beds or vegetable patches. We offer additional suppliers to make maintenance as easy as possible.

Flarmor is a shop with perfect service. It’s our job to meet your expectations and satisfy the needed requirements. You can choose the most appropriate product that is ideal for a particular soil type. we offer a wide range of available variants. You may be sure you find exactly what you need.